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EXCESS FOLIE | Ultra Lingerie, Paris 2007



"Increasingly “Ultra” fairs An event within an event, the Ultra Lingerie catwalk show which has a cult following this year breathed a breath of madness into the fairs. Faithful to its “ultra” concept, this year’s edition renewed the magical alliance between designers and fabric manufacturers who were invited to let their imaginations and talent run riot to create 45 prototypes on the theme of madness."

A peace of elegance!


"A nostalgic lingerie with victorian inspiration. Royal, imperial style designed from lace and embroidery silk.

Softness with romantic touch and a very high-quality look excellence peace of elegance, interpreted in white and powdery pastels colours that let this lingerie-dress being a dash of mistery between dreamland and shiny nights.

All of these are creatively interpreted in a modern way helped by a throughtful and impeccable styling performing in contemporary combinations (double dress with empire line, volume, lace, macrame, and shiny details)."

"All these brightness in a phantasmagorical lingerie which is rich in glamour, glittering christals -and intarsia- which takes her into the world of the myths of pure beauty."